June 27, 2016

5 Simple Tips to Avoid the Freshmen 15

As if there isn't already enough to worry about when starting college, you also have to deal with the freshmen 15. I'm sure you have heard of it; we all have, and we have all dreaded it. Now, I have two things to tell you about it. I have a good news and a bad one. I'm gonna start with the good news followed by the bad news. Although i usually prefer the other way around. 

June 12, 2016

Where To Sell Your Used Textbooks

I started college last fall and the amount of money i have already spent on books is out of control. Sometimes we barely even used these books  and it's like why did i even waste my money buying these books? I also have loads of personal books I've read ages ago that I've been meaning to get rid of.

June 9, 2016

5 Ways to Prepare to Binge-Watch Netflix Series

Alright people June 17th is next week so we have to be ready before Netflix drops this new season on us. In case you haven't mastered the art of binge-watching, do not panic because I got you. 

1. Find The Most comfortable place in your house

First and foremost, you have to figure out where this is going to happen because you're going to be glued to this place for hours. Are you going to feel more comfortable in your room? Or maybe on your living room couch? Whatever it is, just make sure you're comfortable or else the aftermath won't be pretty.

2. Have your favorite snacks at arm reach.

I don't know about you, but once i get comfortable on my bed, nothing will make me budge. Not even hunger. I'll just have to starve. It sounds crazy but i know if i get up, i will never find that comfy spot again, and life as i know it will be ruined! Okay maybe not, but you get the point. Have your snacks close to you.

3. Are you doing this solo or with friends?

Are you planning on watching alone or with friends? If you want to watch with friends, make sure they're the right friends to binge-watch with. What do i mean by this? Well for example, they're some friends who just make too many unnecessary comments which makes it hard to focus on what's currently happening on your screen. I prefer any comments to come after the episode ends not during. So that's just something to consider.

4. Get your comfy clothes on.

Don't wear your tightest jeans ever before starting your binge-watching session. Wear sweats, pajamas, anything that's won't be too tight on you.

5. Avoid spoilers at all cost!

One of the downside of watching a popular show is that everyone is talking about it. Twitter is the worst place to go on while watching the show! Avoid it like the plague.

Follow all these steps and you'll be an expert binge-watcher not only for OITNB but with any other show you would want to bige-watch.

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June 5, 2016

Have You Tried the One Song Workouts?

I'm not gonna sit here and act like I'm some kind of Jillian Micheals, because that's a bazillion miles far from the truth. I'm the type of workout person whom it takes heaven earth to actually bring myself to a gym, but once I get there I always ask myself why I do not come more often. Then I remember that I am lazy AF. But then while leaving I promise myself that I'll come back at least three days a week, but as you probably guessed it, I don't come back until January 1st because that's the day after my 'New Year's New Me' resolution. That's sad.

Despite my laziness, I actually want to workout often enough to be able to put 'Healthy and in Good shape' in my twitter bio, because why not? I've lost so much money signing up to gyms and never going that now I have resolved to staying home and doing some At Home Workouts. I literally feel like a stay-at-home mom with four kids saying this. after doing 0.5 pushups and two squats

So I did some googling around and finally found the One Song Workout. So basically you do a bunch of exercises during the duration of a song. Once you're done, you can repeat or move on to another song and do other exercises. I like these because I can do something productive while bopping to let's say, One Dance. In my opinion, it's way better than walking on the threadmill while listening to "Push It" to motivate myself. I'm fine with listening to my regular playlist and just doing my thing.

Although the One Song Workout thing is pretty cool, it didn't cure my laziness(I wish). Which means the act of getting up from my comfortable couch to actually workout to these songs is still an ongoing struggle. But i can safely say that it's not as bad as before mainly i already listen to some of these songs even when I'm not working out.

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