June 12, 2016

Where To Sell Your Used Textbooks

I started college last fall and the amount of money i have already spent on books is out of control. Sometimes we barely even used these books  and it's like why did i even waste my money buying these books? I also have loads of personal books I've read ages ago that I've been meaning to get rid of.

I have gotten an ok amount of money back from selling my books, so if you would like some extra cash in your pockets, here are some places you can also sell yours.

  • School 
At the end of each semester my school usually has this "Buy Back" thing where they purchase the books you bought from them for half the price. It's not ideal but at least i get some of my money back. Try to find out if your school has anything similar to this.

This site is pretty nice. They have you enter your book's ISBN and search through over 40 buyback vendors to find a buyer who is willing to pay the highest price for your book. They let you ship for free and then you get paid!
Cash4books is slightly different from other companies. They don't actually have you advertise the book and let you sell to anyone. Instead, they buy it from you and if you agree with the price that they're offering, they will send your money by Check or through Paypall. They also let you ship for free so nothing comes out of your pocket!
This site operates similarly to Cash4Books. They buy the book from you and send you the money through your Powell's Books account or through Paypall. One thing to consider if you're going to use this site is the condition of your book. This company is so strict they want your book to be almost new before they decide to buy it from you.
We all know about Amazon so this should not be a surprise. Just list your book and consider the offers that you'll be getting.

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  1. Selling books is a great idea! I've never sold to any of these places except Amazon! Great list, Y-Van!

    XO, Sarah | The Bella Insider | @sarah_thebella

  2. So glad I found this list! I have all my textbooks from every year of college and I've been wondering how to get rid of them!

    Madison // Mads Maybe