September 11, 2016

The Best Music To Listen To While Studying

types of music to listen when studying

Multiple studies have found that when listening to certain types of music while studying, you tend to concentrate more and absorb more information. Of course, Everyone is different. I can listen to Party In The USA while studying and retain information just fine(not really), while someone else would never be able to concentrate to that song. But for the overwhelming majority of students, you have to play the "right" type of music in order to get the advantages that come along with listening to music while studying.

September 5, 2016

My Favorite Fall TV Shows

I can't wait for these shows to comeback so i can ignore all the work i have and watch them. Does anyone else do this? I would have so much work to get done in so little time but i will somehow find time to watch these shows because #priorities. I feel like no one watches television anymore, it's all about Netflix now. Speaking of Netflix, i just finished watching Stranger Things and it was so good! I would totally recommend it. Anyways, if you still watch television you should consider watching these shows.


Can we all just thank the heavens for Shonda Rhimes existence? This show is my absolutely favorite! The suspense, the drama, the love war and everything else will give you all types of feels! The show is about Olivia Pope(Kerry Washington) and her team, whose job is to fix other people's messes. Those messes could be anything from helping to cover up people's atrocities, to winning elections despite the odds. Everyone knows that Olivia Pope is the person to call if you're ever in a sticky situation. Although she's is very good at fixing other people's lives, the irony is that she can't do the same in her life for crap! Which is what makes the show even more interesting.

poster of scandal tv show

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