September 5, 2016

My Favorite Fall TV Shows

I can't wait for these shows to comeback so i can ignore all the work i have and watch them. Does anyone else do this? I would have so much work to get done in so little time but i will somehow find time to watch these shows because #priorities. I feel like no one watches television anymore, it's all about Netflix now. Speaking of Netflix, i just finished watching Stranger Things and it was so good! I would totally recommend it. Anyways, if you still watch television you should consider watching these shows.


Can we all just thank the heavens for Shonda Rhimes existence? This show is my absolutely favorite! The suspense, the drama, the love war and everything else will give you all types of feels! The show is about Olivia Pope(Kerry Washington) and her team, whose job is to fix other people's messes. Those messes could be anything from helping to cover up people's atrocities, to winning elections despite the odds. Everyone knows that Olivia Pope is the person to call if you're ever in a sticky situation. Although she's is very good at fixing other people's lives, the irony is that she can't do the same in her life for crap! Which is what makes the show even more interesting.

poster of scandal tv show

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The Big Bang Theory

I seriously don't know why, but i used to really dislike this show. Not even because i had watched it once and not liked it, but simply because i would always hear about it and it became annoying. I don't remember how and when i started watching the show, but i was instantly hooked! The show is about 4 scientists whom despite being extremely smart guys, cannot figure out how to strive in the social world.  It's very interesting and funny to see what situations they get into daily. You'll either love or hate one of the main characters, Sheldon Cooper who is even more cringe worthy than the other three guys. To give you an example, he's one of those people who will request an almost impossible order at Starbucks and create an unnecessary scene if you don't get it right down to the last dot.

poster of the big bang theory tv show

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Jane The Virgin

I don't know how or who came up with an idea like this for a show but i'm liking it! The show is about Jane, who has a boyfriend but is set on waiting after they get married to have sex, not only because she's a devout catholic but also due to the fact that her mom had her at a very young age and she's afraid of following that same pattern. Here's where it gets really interesting. Jane goes to the clinic for a routine visit with her doctor but somehow she ends up being artificially inseminated by accident. So now she's Jane the pregnant virgin. You can only imagine the absolute chaos that comes after this.

Poster of Jane The Virgin tv show


How to Get Away With Murder

As DJ Khaled would say, "Another one!" Shonda Rhimes is at it again with this fantastic show. The show has everything you could possibly ask in a TV series. Drama? Yes! Romance? Yes! Suspense? Yes! Everything in-between? Yesss! All you need to know is that Annalise Keating (Viola Davis), is a criminal defense lawyer and professor who teaches a class called "How To Get Away With Murder" at a prestigious school. She invites 5 of her students to work with her and her practice and they quickly learn how to actually get away with murder.

poster of how to get away with murder tv show

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2 Broke Girls

To be honest, i don't know how this show is still on network television. Some of the things they're able to say on the show is so cringe worthy in a funny way, but i still wonder how they don't get complaints for those comments. The show shares how two unlikely girls became friends and learned how to live with one another despite their different backgrounds. There's Max Black, a girl who has pretty much been poor all her life and Caroline Channing who basically used to be Paris Hilton until she lost everything when her dad was arrested for fraud and had to actually work for money as a waitress which is how she met Max. It's really fun to see what goes on in their daily lives and how they tackle to world as a team.

two broke girls poster

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Do you watch any of these shows? What shows are you excited to watch this fall?

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  1. SCANDAL AND JANE THE VIRGIN YASSSSS! My love for these two TV shows is unreal. I can't wait for them to come back on. So excited!

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn's Korner

  2. I just started Scandal on Netflix last month and I am already obsessed!

    xx emily