June 20, 2017

DIY No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag

I was cleaning out my closet the other day and noticed that i had a lot of old T-shirts i barely wear anymore. Instead of letting them sit in my closet with no purpose, i thought i would re-purpose some of them.

diy t-shirt tote bag

As per usual, I went on Pinterest and typed of bunch of stuff until i came across a couple no sew DIYs which looked easy enough. I decided to try the t-shirt tote bag and i think it turned out okay. Plus it only took about 10 mins to make.

If you would like to recycle an old t-shirt into a cute tote bag, here's how:

What we'll need:

- One t-shirt (preferably a thicker fabric) 
-A pair of scissors
-A marker (optional)


#1- Cut the sleeves off your t-shirt.

#2- Cut the bottom of the shirt however long you want them. Mine was cut about the length of my index finger, maybe more.

#4- Stretch each strips down

#5- Cut the neck line a little deeper. You can use a marker to mark where you're going to cut so your curve isn't disproportional like mine is.

#6- Tie the front and back strips twice. After tying each pair, you will probably notice the small holes in-between the pairs.  What i did to close those gaps, was to tie the left and right strips between those holes in double knots.

diy t-shirt tote bag

#7- Now you have a homemade tote bag you can use to the beach or the grocery store.

diy t-shirt tote bag


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