March 17, 2017

5 Great Yoga Videos For Complete Beginners on Youtube

I recently talked about beginning my yoga journey and in case you were wondering how that's been going, i'm happy to announce that so far, it's been amazing! I'm so glad i was able to successfully incorporate it into my daily routine and stick to it. I refer to yoga as my daily cup of coffee because It's amazing how rejuvenated and energetic i feel after every sequence.

As a college student, yoga classes don't really have a place in my budget so i'm more than happy to take full advantage of the free videos i can get on YouTube. After doing yoga solely on YouTube for a couple months now, Here are some of my favorites beginner-friendly videos:

Yoga For Complete Beginners - 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout!

Yoga with Adrienne is the very first yoga sequence I followed and I absolutely loved it! It doesn’t matter if you barely know anything about yoga or that you don’t even own a yoga mat. All you really need going into this is a positive mind and attitude. This is just one of many awesome beginner’s videos Adrienne has on her channel.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class for Beginners

This is another great video to follow.  I absolutely love the narrator of this video because the instructions are very easy to follow along. You could almost do this practice with your eyes closed. The pace is slow which is perfect for beginner’s. At first, it seems like an easy peasy practice, but as you get further into the video, you’ll be sweating like no other.

Beginner Morning Yoga Sequence for Greatist (15-min)

This yoga sequence is perfect if you just want to test the waters before diving into a longer yoga practice. 

Yoga For Beginners - 30 Minute Home Yoga Workout || Flexibility & Relaxation

I’ve always wanted to work on my flexibility, so I totally loved doing this sequence. The instructions are clear and precise which makes the video very easy to follow along. I have been doing this yoga routine for a while now and I definitely notice a difference from how flexible I was on day one as oppose to now.

Yoga for Beginners, Journey into Strength with Kino

The first time you might find this video a little bit tougher than the others but it’ll make you realize that you’re much stronger than you thought. One thing I learned practicing yoga is that it’s not about doing everything perfectly. It’s more about the process of getting the poses right. So, don’t beat yourself up if there are some poses you just can’t get right (yet).

Even though all these videos are geared towards beginners, I struggled a little with some of them the first time I practiced. If you feel the same way while following any of these videos, you’re not alone. What I did to kind of make things easier for me is that I lowered the speed of the videos and it made a huge difference.


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  1. What a terrific idea for a post! I've always been curious about yoga, but not willing to attend a class. YouTube is a great idea for people like me!

    1. Youtube is definitely a good start for those who are just starting out.

  2. I really want to get into yoga. Me and exercising in general I should be consistent. This is a great resource. Thanks

    1. You totally should! I hope these videos help you get started :)

  3. Adrienne is the truth. I participated in her 30 day yoga challenge earlier this year. It definitely helped me relax a bit.

    1. I participated in that challenge as well and i absolutely loved it!