November 21, 2016

My Favorite Youtubers

favorite youtube channels

I recently shared my favorite TV Shows, so it's only fair that i share my favorite Youtubers! I unfortunately watch a lot more people than i have i on this list, but i chose people who i watch more frequently. I say unfortunately because watching so many Youtubers contributes a lot to my procrastination.

I actually discovered Jessi on Vine. She used to be a big “vine sensation” which is kind of funny because I didn’t really like her on vine as much as I like her now. When I found her on YouTube, it took me a good minute to figure out where I knew her from. After watching a couple of her videos on YouTube, I was instantly hooked! She’s one of those people who is hilarious without trying to be. A lot of her content is just her telling random stories which could seem boring at first, but you just have to give it a chance to enjoy her content. I love her personality and her authenticity. She’s wholeheartedly herself, and that’s entertaining.

If you love good stories about crazy events in people’s lives, Jessi is your girl. She also swears quite often, so if you’re sensitive about that, maybe she’s not your girl after all.

Another vine girl! I don’t know why I watch so many ex-viners! One thing that’s different is that I actually watched Gabby on Vine quite often, so I guess it makes sense that I would also like her YouTube Channel. I love watching her storytimes because she tells them so well it almost feels like you were there. I think she’s really funny in her own unique way.

I saw Teala in my suggested videos and she looked so familiar which is what made me click on her video. I was trying to remember where I know her from, then I realized she used to be in a TV show called Are We There Yet.  After watching a couple of her videos, I was hooked! You could say the rest is history. Just a heads up, she says “Lit” a lot, which is kind of annoying. 


Whenever I feel like doing some type of exercise in the comfort of my own home, this is the channel I turn too. The choreographies are super easy and so fun! It’s a great stress reliever or a way to just let loose and have fun. I’m slowly trying to get into the habit of doing this weekly.

SASS. That’s all there is to know about Alex

This is the cutest family ever! I’ve been watching them for a long time and I kind of feel connected to them because I’ve watched them grow before my eyes. I started watching them when they got married and I am still watching after they had their first child. Their baby girl, Ava is so adorable! Nikki is GORGEOUS.

I usually do not care for channels that are mostly about makeup because they are super redundant to me. Come on, how many “Current Makeup Routine” can one post. I feel like it’s the same thing all the time and I suppose i may feel this way because I’m not a big makeup person. Anyways, for some reason Patricia has me hooked no matter how many no-so-different makeup routines she posts. I love her style and I’m always excited to see how she pairs her outfits. I would gladly move into her closet and adore her clothes every day.

Buzzfeed’s videos never fail to entertain me! The Try Guys are my favorites

The Cheat Day series is what keeps me hooked on this channel. Why do I enjoy watching people try different foods you ask? I’m sorry, doesn’t everyone enjoy this? Plus Jessi is sometimes in these videos, and she makes everything even more entertaining.

Last but certainly not least! Whenever I describe Remi to my friends, I always say that she’s the cutest and nicest human being! She’s one of those people that you just cannot hate. One thing I really love about her is how optimistic she is. People often misinterpret this as her just not giving a crap about stuff but she’s just one to always look at the bright side of situations which is one more reason why i love her.

I mostly watch her vlog channel because she’s a sunshine and I can’t get bored of her.
She also has a main channel where most of her videos are DIYs, Make-up Tutorials and Fashion.

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  1. I love Remi too! I've been looking for dance videos to watch on YouTube so I'm glad you have one to give me! I also like KalynNicholson and MarissaLace!

    Caitlyn |

    1. I'm definitely checking them out! I hope you like SidVicious!

  2. I love Remi and Jamie and Nikki. I've watched Jamie and Nikki and they feel like family too.

    Gigi |