August 7, 2016

Monthly Intentions | August Goals

Monthly Intentions for August

Hey guys! I'm so happy to be joining other lovely bloggers in doing the Monthly Goal Collaboration created by Angela (The Clutter Box) and Jazmine (Fairy Lights & Dreams). I have never really written down blogging goals for myself, so I'm super excited to see how this turns out. I'm hoping to meet the majority if not all of my goals. We shall see.

July Recap

Although I didn't set any goals for myself during the month of July, I would still have to reflect on my highs and lows!

  • I think I was more active on Twitter this month than any other month, so that's great!
I loved connecting with other bloggers during the twitter chats and just in general.
  • I worked a lot on the behind-the-scenes of my blog. 
  • I commented on a lot of blog.

  • - I didn't write enough blog posts.
I think this was the most disappointing low point. I really wanted to write at least twice a week but that obviously did not happen.
  • - I wasn't as active as I would have wanted to on Instagram.
My Instagram is fairly new so I wasn't paying much attention to it.

August Goals

  • Post more than once a week.
I've been slacking on this forever and I really need to get it together and get it done!

  • Keep checking out and other people's blogs and leaving meaningful comments.
I wouldn't be too thrilled if someone left something like "great post! *smiley face*" on my blog because that's just too basic and I'm not even sure if you actually read my post. I want to leave comments that show that I actually read the post and enjoyed it very much.

  • Continue to work on the behind-the-scenes of the blog!
My blog is pretty much always under construction because I always find things that I would like to add, remove or improve.

  • Post consistently on social media, especially Instagram.
I created an Instagram account in July and I haven't been too involved in it. That needs to change this month!

  • Connect with more bloggers.
It's nice to have blogger friends because you can vent to them about your blog and they'll totally understand where you are coming from. I want to have more blogger friends! The more the merrier!

  • I want to have a personal signature to put at the end of my post.
I need to google how to do that so I can start including it in my blog posts. I've seen it on a bunch of blogs and I love it!

  • Share other bloggers' posts!
*sings* WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! I think I do a good job at commenting on blog posts i enjoy, but need to do better at sharing them on twitter. My followers definitely deserve to see the awesome posts you guys write!

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  1. Great highs for July, that is so awesome!! Commenting on others blogs is my biggest struggle because I too want to leave meaningful comments and it's a struggle sometimes.
    Don't bet yourself up too much on not writing as many post as you originally wanted. Quality is better over content! You want to feel good about the content your creating! Be yourself and have fun blogging!! Instagram is my favorite social platform, I tend to have a generic schedule in my calendar to give me an idea of what to do for the day and go from there. It works fo rme. Good luck with your goals for August!!

    1. I'm gonna try doing that for instagram. Thank you angela!

  2. Good luck with all your goals! We are all in this together!

  3. Great goals!

    Your site looks awesome so far love! I know the feeling of not having things just so. There's always something I want to change on my site as well. Just know that you're doing an amazing job.

    Try an app called buffer to schedule your uploads for social media. It allows you to schedule up to 10 posts each for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (unlimited posts for a monthly fee). there are other apps like it. But, I haven't tried them to be able to reccoemnd them to you. If you try it let me know how it works for you.

    Best wishes! I know you'll crush your goals for this month!

    Be sure to reach out if ever you need anything or just want to talk bloggy stuff! We're all in this together! ( @_DreadedBeautii on on Twitter and IG and if you want to shoot me an email. )

    1. Thank you so much for all your advice! I'm definitely going to download Buffer.

  4. I also struggled during the month of July (and again this month...) with not posting as much as I would have liked. It can be hard when blogging is more of a hobby than a full time career. All of your goals for the month of August are great and will really help your blog grow!

    Best of luck!