August 8, 2016

BTS: 12 Types of Professors You Will Have in College

These are the types of professors you will have in college

 College professors play a big role in whether or not you do well in a class. Some make it easier for you to learn, while others force you to basically self-teach. If you're going to be a freshmen this fall, here are 12 types of professors you will probably encounter during you college years.

1. The only my class matters
This professor seriously thinks your whole college education revolves around his/her class. They will give you an unbearable amount of work to be completed in the shortest amount of time. If you try to talk to them about it, they'll waste your time talking about how there are 24 hours in a day and blah blah blah. BS basically.

2. The self-promoter
This one spends an entire class bashing other professors for making their student buy books they wrote and then concludes by telling you that there's no way you'll pass the class without buying the textbook he/she wrote. They also make sure to tell to buy the most recent edition so you don't go buying a cheaper one even though they're probably not that different. Hypocrite much? Whether or not the textbook will actually help you succeed in the class is debatable.

3. The points taker
How dare you make a mistake and cross off ONE word! Now your entire paper looks a mess. That’s minus 5 point! Next time it''ll be 10! I can't begin to tell you how these petty stuff has affected my grade. It made me so mad, I wanted to cry.
This is also the professor who lives to make sure that no one passes their class with anything higher than an 80% and even that is sometimes too high. The fact that the class average is a 67% is literally their proudest accomplishment.

4. The tireless lecturer
Taking notes in this class will be the most tedious task you'll have to do. He/she does not wait for anyone so if you can't listen and take notes simultaneously, you're in trouble. This professor will literally talk your ear off! The only time they'll stop will be to take a sip of water, then back it again! You'll probably have a mini celebration every time this professor runs out of time. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have a professor who knows their stuff but it doesn't matter if you deliver your lecture in a manner that does not help me succeed.

5. The lover of surprises
This professor patiently waits for the most unexpected day to announce a pop a quiz.
Picture this. It's too early to function, it's raining endlessly, you forgot to grab your umbrella so you're already soaked, and when you finally get to class, POP QUIZ. It also just so happens that you weren't able to read the assigned chapters for that day. Good luck my friend. You're going to need it.

6. The tech know-it-none
Every time you come to class this professor will almost always have a problem with a tech equipment. Just know that you'll probably always lose at least 10 minutes of class while your professor finds out what's wrong and how to fix it. This professor might have two Masters and one PhD but God forbid he/she tries to show you a video on YouTube. 

7. The Overly enthusiastic
This professor will make anything, and I mean ANYTHING sound like the best thing in the world. This is the professor who will give you fun ways to remember definitions or formulas. To this day, I still remember "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" for compass directions. As long as you get someone who doesn't try too hard to the point where they become annoying, this class will be super fun! The enthusiasms this professor has is super contagious and it'll likely help you learn better.

8. The Spitter
If you come in a classroom and there are 1-2 rows of empty seats, you likely have a spitter. Now there's a big dilemma in this class. What do you do when you need help with something? Do you call the professor and take the rain of spit like a champ as he/she explains what you don't understand or do you take a rain check and try to figure it out on your own? I took the spit like a champ! I just kept looking down on my paper so the spit will rain on my head instead of my face. You're gaining knowledge and spit with this professor! Two for the price of one!

9. The late but not late enough
I had a class that began at 3:00 PM and my professor almost never came to class at that time. So much that we were always surprised when he did make it on time. I'm not sure if this goes for every college but at mine, you're allowed to leave 10 minutes after class is supposed to start if your professor hasn't shown up. My professor made it his life goal to show up at 3:09 PM!! Everyone would have their stuff packed and ready to go, then we hear him open the door. All year we were convinced that he was doing this on purpose and enjoyed seeing our disappointed faces as he walked in.

10. The Hotty
This professor could probably be speaking gibberish the entire semester and you wouldn't realize it. If you previously did not care for whatever this professor is teaching, you do now. If fact, it's your favorite subject now and you can't wait to go to class. 

11. The always off topic
This professor will be talking about molecules and protons, then all of the sudden he or she is talking about their trip in Italy. They'll then spend a good 15 minutes of class time talking about their experience in Italy and they'll ask the class "where was I again?" umm I'm not paying thousands of dollars to keep tabs on you!

 12. The power point lover
Adios! Goodbye! Sayonara! See you at the midterm and final! This professor will give you a bunch of power point slides and basically call it day. To make matters worse, those slides are probably 10 years old and in need of some serious updating. This professor will be at his/her computer desk probably doing something non-school related and if you raise your hand, they will act like you're asking them to fetch the moon for you. If you're more of a visual learner this might not be so bad for you but if you're the type of learner who needs someone to lecture and explain things to you, good luck.

If you're already college let me know what type of professor you've had so far!

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  1. Hahah I found this so relatable. One of my business professors would talk about how she was running for mayor and she promoted free food to meet her campaign in the park hahah! Which is your favorite?

    Corsica Nambiar |

    1. That's so funny! I probably would have went for the free food lol. My favorite is the enthusiastic professor. The fact that mine was really excited about teaching the subject really made me want to learn it.

  2. I've had most of these lol. The Lecturer is probably the most rampant in my schedule, but it's guaranteed that most of my professors will have a tech problem!

    Alix |

  3. This was so funny to read through! Luckily I haven't had any spitters, and sadly no hotties, but I've had my fair share of favorites and nonfavorites nonetheless.