May 24, 2016


This is my first blog post...
I feel slightly weird about this. I feel like because it is my first post it should be absolutely perfect or nearly perfect, because there is no such thing as perfection really.

I know i want to start blogging but i can't really settle on what i want to blog about. I feel as though i have so much to talk about but then again i don't really know what to talk about. Does that even make any sense?

Anyway, tis' the reason why the title of this post is "Undecided." Because i do not yet know what to blog about. One thing i do know is that i don't want to be an anything "guru." I barely know anything myself so i can't be telling people what to do.

Alright first post completed.
How do i end a blog post? Do i just say Goodbye or Until next time...? I'm not sure so i'm just going to stop writing.

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