December 28, 2016

How to Prepare For The Next Semester Over Winter Break

Does anyone else feel like the fall semester flew by? No? Yeah, me too. I was just about done with school by the time finals came around.

Now that the holidays are over, you might want to start thinking about your spring semester. I know, I know who wants to think about school during break? Trust me, you don’t want to wish you had prepared yourself earlier when school resumes. Here are a couple ways you can prepare for the spring semester over winter break.

December 25, 2016

Blogger Secret Santa

Merry Christmas everyone! I participated in this year's Blogger Secret Santa, which was hosted by Cathleen from Classy Cathleen and Abigail from Living the Gray Life. It was so fun shopping for one special blogger and receiving all the incredible gifts i got from my secret Santa!

bloggers secret santa

December 17, 2016

The Mystery Blogger Award

So I took my last final yesterday and I’m officially on Winter break! I didn't post as much i wanted this semester, so I’m definitely going to try to be more consistent now that school isn’t in the way.

I want to thank Megan from Love, Megan Anne for nominating me for The Mystery Blogger Award! It was so nice that you thought of me. Thank You! It was fun to reading a little bit about you. You can check out her post right here. This award was created by Okoto Engima, you can learn more about it here

December 1, 2016

10 Funniest Christmas Songs

It’s December 1st! In my book, now it’s officially acceptable to listen to Christmas songs. I guess you could say I’m one of “those people.” You definitely won’t catch me listening to Christmas songs at any other time than now.

Now that I have started listening to Christmas songs, I thought I would share a couple of my favorite funny songs. Humor and I get along very well so these are perfect!

November 21, 2016

My Favorite Youtubers

favorite youtube channels

I recently shared my favorite TV Shows, so it's only fair that i share my favorite Youtubers! I unfortunately watch a lot more people than i have i on this list, but i chose people who i watch more frequently. I say unfortunately because watching so many Youtubers contributes a lot to my procrastination.

November 6, 2016

Tips To Memorize Your Notes Faster Before Your Next Test

study hacks

Can you believe it's already November!? I seriously feel like I was writing posts for back-to-school just yesterday! The great thing about this is that the semester is almost over. The not-so-great thing about this is that finals are coming up. 

Don't you often wish you could remember your biology notes as good as you can remember the lyrics of a song two days after it came out? Yeah, same. With finals around the corner, there's no doubt that we are all going to need to remember A LOT of information just as well as we are able to recall song lyrics. Luckily, I've compiled a list of things you could do to help you memorize your notes a little bit faster before your next test. 

October 21, 2016

8 Dos and Don'ts The Night Before A Test

I hate to admit it, but i used to be one of those students who didn't start studying for a test until the night before. Yup, that's how much of a huge procrastinator i once was - not that i don't procrastinate anymore, I'm just doing it less now. As of now, i am proud to announce that i have gotten rid of that habit, and i actually study days, if not weeks in advance. Doing this has allowed me to have plenty of time to prepare for my exams in other ways that have less to do with studying.

That's right, studying is not the only thing that needs to be done in anticipation of an exam. There are other important steps you need to take the night before your exam in order to be completely ready the following day. Here's a list of do's and don'ts to help you be a little more prepared for your next test.

October 1, 2016

Group Projects: How To Deal With Difficult Group Members

Does anyone else cringe a little when your professor mentions any type of group projects? Yeah, same. Some students choose to work alone whenever possible because they just don't want to deal with the stress that comes along with group projects. Even though it's a lot of work for one person, i honestly don't blame them. Group projects can make you pull all your hair out.

Don't get more wrong, group projects can be really fun with the right members, but when you have some members who do nothing but stress you out, you're going to need lots of prayer to get through the project. Feel free to use this guide to make the best out of group projects with not so great members.

September 11, 2016

The Best Music To Listen To While Studying

types of music to listen when studying

Multiple studies have found that when listening to certain types of music while studying, you tend to concentrate more and absorb more information. Of course, Everyone is different. I can listen to Party In The USA while studying and retain information just fine(not really), while someone else would never be able to concentrate to that song. But for the overwhelming majority of students, you have to play the "right" type of music in order to get the advantages that come along with listening to music while studying.

September 5, 2016

My Favorite Fall TV Shows

I can't wait for these shows to comeback so i can ignore all the work i have and watch them. Does anyone else do this? I would have so much work to get done in so little time but i will somehow find time to watch these shows because #priorities. I feel like no one watches television anymore, it's all about Netflix now. Speaking of Netflix, i just finished watching Stranger Things and it was so good! I would totally recommend it. Anyways, if you still watch television you should consider watching these shows.


Can we all just thank the heavens for Shonda Rhimes existence? This show is my absolutely favorite! The suspense, the drama, the love war and everything else will give you all types of feels! The show is about Olivia Pope(Kerry Washington) and her team, whose job is to fix other people's messes. Those messes could be anything from helping to cover up people's atrocities, to winning elections despite the odds. Everyone knows that Olivia Pope is the person to call if you're ever in a sticky situation. Although she's is very good at fixing other people's lives, the irony is that she can't do the same in her life for crap! Which is what makes the show even more interesting.

poster of scandal tv show

via tvline

August 29, 2016

BTS: 12 Things I Wish Knew As a College Freshmen

college tips for freshmen

Hi friends! My Back-To-School series is finally coming to an end, and I just hope that this series has been helpful to you guys so far! If you have already started school, I hope it's going well and if you're like me and you started today, I hope your first day went by smoothly.  Being a freshman in college brings so much excitement but at the same time it's also really nerve-wracking because it's college, you're new and you're pretty much starting a new life. To close the series, I want to make life a little easier for all the freshmen out there and give you guys a couple tips to get through this new era in your lives. I thought it will also be very helpful to include tips from other college bloggers who have been there, done that!

August 18, 2016

BTS: The Best Ways To Deal With Homesickness in College

How to overcome homesickness as a freshmen in college

Hi friends! Welcome to the fourth installment of my Back-To-School series! I hope you have enjoyed this series and found it helpful so far because there's only one post left! Be on the look out for that post sometimes next week. In the mean time, here's what do to if you feel homesick in college.

August 12, 2016

BTS: How To Start The Semester Off Right

Have a successful semester in college

Hey guys! Welcome to the third installation of my back-to-school series!
We all know and can't deny that summer is quickly ending, which means that the first day of class is just around the corner! It's crazy how fast summer went by but i'm excited to start school again just so i can use all my new supplies. Is this weird? Am i the only one who's excited to start school for that reason? Yes? Okay then. I'm always looking to improve on anything i was unable to accomplish the previous school year. In other words, has anyone find the cure for procrastination yet? If you're like me, you would want to have all the tips you can get to start your semester off right. Luckily for you my friend, i have a few that will help you kick off this semester on the right foot.

August 8, 2016

BTS: 12 Types of Professors You Will Have in College

These are the types of professors you will have in college

 College professors play a big role in whether or not you do well in a class. Some make it easier for you to learn, while others force you to basically self-teach. If you're going to be a freshmen this fall, here are 12 types of professors you will probably encounter during you college years.

1. The only my class matters
This professor seriously thinks your whole college education revolves around his/her class. They will give you an unbearable amount of work to be completed in the shortest amount of time. If you try to talk to them about it, they'll waste your time talking about how there are 24 hours in a day and blah blah blah. BS basically.

2. The self-promoter
This one spends an entire class bashing other professors for making their student buy books they wrote and then concludes by telling you that there's no way you'll pass the class without buying the textbook he/she wrote. They also make sure to tell to buy the most recent edition so you don't go buying a cheaper one even though they're probably not that different. Hypocrite much? Whether or not the textbook will actually help you succeed in the class is debatable.

3. The points taker
How dare you make a mistake and cross off ONE word! Now your entire paper looks a mess. That’s minus 5 point! Next time it''ll be 10! I can't begin to tell you how these petty stuff has affected my grade. It made me so mad, I wanted to cry.
This is also the professor who lives to make sure that no one passes their class with anything higher than an 80% and even that is sometimes too high. The fact that the class average is a 67% is literally their proudest accomplishment.

4. The tireless lecturer
Taking notes in this class will be the most tedious task you'll have to do. He/she does not wait for anyone so if you can't listen and take notes simultaneously, you're in trouble. This professor will literally talk your ear off! The only time they'll stop will be to take a sip of water, then back it again! You'll probably have a mini celebration every time this professor runs out of time. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have a professor who knows their stuff but it doesn't matter if you deliver your lecture in a manner that does not help me succeed.

5. The lover of surprises
This professor patiently waits for the most unexpected day to announce a pop a quiz.
Picture this. It's too early to function, it's raining endlessly, you forgot to grab your umbrella so you're already soaked, and when you finally get to class, POP QUIZ. It also just so happens that you weren't able to read the assigned chapters for that day. Good luck my friend. You're going to need it.

6. The tech know-it-none
Every time you come to class this professor will almost always have a problem with a tech equipment. Just know that you'll probably always lose at least 10 minutes of class while your professor finds out what's wrong and how to fix it. This professor might have two Masters and one PhD but God forbid he/she tries to show you a video on YouTube. 

7. The Overly enthusiastic
This professor will make anything, and I mean ANYTHING sound like the best thing in the world. This is the professor who will give you fun ways to remember definitions or formulas. To this day, I still remember "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" for compass directions. As long as you get someone who doesn't try too hard to the point where they become annoying, this class will be super fun! The enthusiasms this professor has is super contagious and it'll likely help you learn better.

8. The Spitter
If you come in a classroom and there are 1-2 rows of empty seats, you likely have a spitter. Now there's a big dilemma in this class. What do you do when you need help with something? Do you call the professor and take the rain of spit like a champ as he/she explains what you don't understand or do you take a rain check and try to figure it out on your own? I took the spit like a champ! I just kept looking down on my paper so the spit will rain on my head instead of my face. You're gaining knowledge and spit with this professor! Two for the price of one!

9. The late but not late enough
I had a class that began at 3:00 PM and my professor almost never came to class at that time. So much that we were always surprised when he did make it on time. I'm not sure if this goes for every college but at mine, you're allowed to leave 10 minutes after class is supposed to start if your professor hasn't shown up. My professor made it his life goal to show up at 3:09 PM!! Everyone would have their stuff packed and ready to go, then we hear him open the door. All year we were convinced that he was doing this on purpose and enjoyed seeing our disappointed faces as he walked in.

10. The Hotty
This professor could probably be speaking gibberish the entire semester and you wouldn't realize it. If you previously did not care for whatever this professor is teaching, you do now. If fact, it's your favorite subject now and you can't wait to go to class. 

11. The always off topic
This professor will be talking about molecules and protons, then all of the sudden he or she is talking about their trip in Italy. They'll then spend a good 15 minutes of class time talking about their experience in Italy and they'll ask the class "where was I again?" umm I'm not paying thousands of dollars to keep tabs on you!

 12. The power point lover
Adios! Goodbye! Sayonara! See you at the midterm and final! This professor will give you a bunch of power point slides and basically call it day. To make matters worse, those slides are probably 10 years old and in need of some serious updating. This professor will be at his/her computer desk probably doing something non-school related and if you raise your hand, they will act like you're asking them to fetch the moon for you. If you're more of a visual learner this might not be so bad for you but if you're the type of learner who needs someone to lecture and explain things to you, good luck.

If you're already college let me know what type of professor you've had so far!

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August 7, 2016

Monthly Intentions | August Goals

Monthly Intentions for August

Hey guys! I'm so happy to be joining other lovely bloggers in doing the Monthly Goal Collaboration created by Angela (The Clutter Box) and Jazmine (Fairy Lights & Dreams). I have never really written down blogging goals for myself, so I'm super excited to see how this turns out. I'm hoping to meet the majority if not all of my goals. We shall see.

August 2, 2016

BTS: What I Wish I Knew Before Taking Online Classes

Taking online classes in college

Hey Guys! We have finally entered the month of August which means we are officially in the Back-To-School season! Although I’m a little sad that summer is ending and school is starting again, I’m super excited to go school shopping! I love going back-to-school shopping because they are so many cute stuff to get, everything is new and it's just exciting to start another chapter of school.

In honor of the back-to-school season, I decided to start a mini-series on the blog to get everyone prepared for the upcoming school year! So stay tuned for more blog posts relating to this series.

To kick off the series, I’m giving you guys a few insights on what you should expect when taking an online class. I took my first online class last fall and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I'll be happy to let you know what I did wrong, so you can avoid making the same mistakes. Online classes are usually convenient for students who work and go to school or parents who have other obligations outside of the classroom. Having classes online has its perks, but you also have to be prepared for what comes along with those perks.
I have made some mistakes when taking online classes so you don't have to. Here's what I wish I knew before taking an online class:

It's NOT as easy as you might think
So many people (me included) take online classes because they think it's the easy route. WRONG! If anything, it's one of the more challenging routes to take. The freedom that comes along with online classes is nice to have, but If you don't know how to discipline yourself, then you are in for a treat. By treat I mean hell. Trust me I have been there. 

You should know your learning style?
Some of us learn better when they're in a classroom setting and there's someone lecturing in front of them, while others like having written information instead of lectures. Knowing what your learning style is will dictate whether or not online learning is right for you. I discovered that I would much rather have someone teaching in front of me instead of staring at a screen. This may sound boring to others, to be honest it's sometimes boring to me too but this is why it is important that you know what learning style helps you retain information easily. 

On a scale of I'm doomed to I know how to adult, how bad is your procrastination?
With the flexibility that comes along with online classes, it is quite easy to let yourself go and miss a few... a bunch... or even most of your deadlines. One of the many mistakes I made when I took my first online class was not setting time aside to study. I just didn't treat the course like a typical classroom setting class which was a really bad idea. Online classes require you to spend just as much time studying for them as the classroom setting does. 

You can't just take any class online
This is the one thing I didn't screw up on when taking my online classes. I know there are courses that are more challenging to me than others, so I decided not to take them online. If you know that you tend to struggle a little more with science classes than any other class, it's probably not a good idea to take those classes online. It's harder to get quality one-on-one time with online professors so you might not be able to get much extra help if you are struggling to understand something. 

I hope this was helpful! Stay tuned for more back-to-school blog posts!

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July 26, 2016

The Best Youtube Channels for College Students

Many of us spend hours on YouTube watching  beauty gurus, storytimers, or even vloggers. If anyone has ever wondered how I procrastinate, this is it. But YouTube doesn't only have to be a place where we spend our time watching someone put on 100 layers of whatever. YouTube can also be place where we learn physics or philosophy. I have compiled a list of 6 YouTube channels I believe are of great help to college students.

The Best Youtube Channels for College Student. Crash Course will help you understand the many courses you'll be taking in college. They've made various videos on World History, Biology, Literature, Ecology, Chemistry, Psychology, and US History and more.

July 19, 2016

How To Get Student Discounts on Clothes & Food

Get student discounts on food and clothes

Hey Guys! I hope everyone is doing wonderful! As we all know, being a college student is not cheap at all. From the ever rising tuition to the over-priced textbooks, and everything in between, it seems like we can't catch a break. I mean i just started college, how exactly am i suppose to get all this money you're asking for, with no degree? You feel me?

July 13, 2016

How to Trick Yourself into Drinking More Water Everyday

If you're one of those people who doesn't really drink water that often, this is for you. In order to motivate yourself to drink water more often, you have to understand why it's important for you to drink enough water. Every single one of us obviously needs to drink water in order to survive, but there are also many benefits to get from it. Lucky for you, i previously wrote a post stating some of those benefits.

July 1, 2016

5 Amazing Benefits of Drinking More Water

Consistently drinking water is one of those things you know you should be doing, but you choose not to. It's like exercising. On New Year's Eve you say you're going to do more of it , and then on January 5th you're just like nahh maybe next year.

June 27, 2016

5 Simple Tips to Avoid the Freshmen 15

As if there isn't already enough to worry about when starting college, you also have to deal with the freshmen 15. I'm sure you have heard of it; we all have, and we have all dreaded it. Now, I have two things to tell you about it. I have a good news and a bad one. I'm gonna start with the good news followed by the bad news. Although i usually prefer the other way around. 

June 12, 2016

Where To Sell Your Used Textbooks

I started college last fall and the amount of money i have already spent on books is out of control. Sometimes we barely even used these books  and it's like why did i even waste my money buying these books? I also have loads of personal books I've read ages ago that I've been meaning to get rid of.

June 9, 2016

5 Ways to Prepare to Binge-Watch Netflix Series

Alright people June 17th is next week so we have to be ready before Netflix drops this new season on us. In case you haven't mastered the art of binge-watching, do not panic because I got you. 

1. Find The Most comfortable place in your house

First and foremost, you have to figure out where this is going to happen because you're going to be glued to this place for hours. Are you going to feel more comfortable in your room? Or maybe on your living room couch? Whatever it is, just make sure you're comfortable or else the aftermath won't be pretty.

2. Have your favorite snacks at arm reach.

I don't know about you, but once i get comfortable on my bed, nothing will make me budge. Not even hunger. I'll just have to starve. It sounds crazy but i know if i get up, i will never find that comfy spot again, and life as i know it will be ruined! Okay maybe not, but you get the point. Have your snacks close to you.

3. Are you doing this solo or with friends?

Are you planning on watching alone or with friends? If you want to watch with friends, make sure they're the right friends to binge-watch with. What do i mean by this? Well for example, they're some friends who just make too many unnecessary comments which makes it hard to focus on what's currently happening on your screen. I prefer any comments to come after the episode ends not during. So that's just something to consider.

4. Get your comfy clothes on.

Don't wear your tightest jeans ever before starting your binge-watching session. Wear sweats, pajamas, anything that's won't be too tight on you.

5. Avoid spoilers at all cost!

One of the downside of watching a popular show is that everyone is talking about it. Twitter is the worst place to go on while watching the show! Avoid it like the plague.

Follow all these steps and you'll be an expert binge-watcher not only for OITNB but with any other show you would want to bige-watch.

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June 5, 2016

Have You Tried the One Song Workouts?

I'm not gonna sit here and act like I'm some kind of Jillian Micheals, because that's a bazillion miles far from the truth. I'm the type of workout person whom it takes heaven earth to actually bring myself to a gym, but once I get there I always ask myself why I do not come more often. Then I remember that I am lazy AF. But then while leaving I promise myself that I'll come back at least three days a week, but as you probably guessed it, I don't come back until January 1st because that's the day after my 'New Year's New Me' resolution. That's sad.

Despite my laziness, I actually want to workout often enough to be able to put 'Healthy and in Good shape' in my twitter bio, because why not? I've lost so much money signing up to gyms and never going that now I have resolved to staying home and doing some At Home Workouts. I literally feel like a stay-at-home mom with four kids saying this. after doing 0.5 pushups and two squats

So I did some googling around and finally found the One Song Workout. So basically you do a bunch of exercises during the duration of a song. Once you're done, you can repeat or move on to another song and do other exercises. I like these because I can do something productive while bopping to let's say, One Dance. In my opinion, it's way better than walking on the threadmill while listening to "Push It" to motivate myself. I'm fine with listening to my regular playlist and just doing my thing.

Although the One Song Workout thing is pretty cool, it didn't cure my laziness(I wish). Which means the act of getting up from my comfortable couch to actually workout to these songs is still an ongoing struggle. But i can safely say that it's not as bad as before mainly i already listen to some of these songs even when I'm not working out.

Let me know if you've tried this or if you have better suggestions for a lazy wanna be fit girl like me. Share This:

May 29, 2016

10 Colorful Box Braids Inspirations

Your box braids do not always have to be black. Put some color in them!

1. Gray Box Braids

2. Purple Box Braids

3. Pink Box Braids

4. Blue Box Braids

5. Green Box Braids

6. Orange Box Braids

7. Red Box Braids

8. Brown Box Braids

9. Yellow Box Braids

10. White Box Braids

All these colors are really pretty! I'm definitely going to try some of these colors. My favorite of all these colors is green. It's one those colors that i would never put on my hair but after seeing how gorgeous it is on the girl above, i'm ready to give it a try.

Let me know if you in the comments if you have or will try any of these colors. 

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5 Simple Protective Styles to Rock This Summer

Summer has arrived ladies! It's time to slay with these gorgeous protective styles.

1. The Bob

These short box braids are so pretty! They are especially perfect for summer because of their length. The long box braids are not always ideal for summer because they garner so much heat but this bob is just right for this heat.

2. The Goddess Crown 

If you want to tuck your hair away and just forget about it for a couple days, this style is for you. I love this style because it's so easy to achieve literally anyone can do it. It's so effrotless you barely have to do anything to it in the morning.

3. Jumbo Cornrows

This is another effortless style that is quite easy to do. You can do this style with your own hair or you can add braiding hair to it. It's very cool for the summer. Take it from Keri Hilson

4. Bantu Knots

This style is literally 2 for the price of one because once you get tired of your banyu knots, you can take them out and rock your beautiful curls. 

5.  Sleek Bun

I obviously have to add a bun because buns are saviors when you absolutely do not know what you want to do with your hair. You can sleek you bun back as shown in the picture or you can have a high bun. Whatever bakes your potaoes. 

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May 24, 2016


This is my first blog post...
I feel slightly weird about this. I feel like because it is my first post it should be absolutely perfect or nearly perfect, because there is no such thing as perfection really.

I know i want to start blogging but i can't really settle on what i want to blog about. I feel as though i have so much to talk about but then again i don't really know what to talk about. Does that even make any sense?

Anyway, tis' the reason why the title of this post is "Undecided." Because i do not yet know what to blog about. One thing i do know is that i don't want to be an anything "guru." I barely know anything myself so i can't be telling people what to do.

Alright first post completed.
How do i end a blog post? Do i just say Goodbye or Until next time...? I'm not sure so i'm just going to stop writing.